Sleep No More is an interactive theatre piece. For those who have not heard about it yet, I highly suggest looking into it. It is a unique experience you will remember forever.

The story is based on MacBeth (but is also influecned by Hitchcock’s Vertigo and Rebecca) and the audience is invited to follow characters around the numerous floors of the hotel. There is very little speaking, which lets dance, body language and acting tell the story.

All audience members are made anonymous by wearing masks (as seen in one of the images above) and besides following characters around, one can also wander the hotel and look at all the details in the rooms to collect clues for themselves. This is an experience you have to do on your own; you will be separated from your friends. And frankly, trying to hold someone’s hand through the whole thing would slow you down and prevent you from getting the most out of your experience.

Character loyalty is the best way to get a special one-on-one experience with a cast member. Throughout the performance the cast mostly ignores the audience, but every once in a while they will make eye contact with someone in particular and maybe lock themselves in a closet with one lucky audience member. I actually got one of these indivudal experiences, but will keep it a secret.

Make a trip to the McKittrick Hotel to find out for yourself!

Here is the official Sleep No More website.


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